Administrator For Civil Residences

Full Time
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Job Description:


  • The administrator must undertake periodic checks for technical and hygienic-sanitary problems, for the condition of the property and the facilities in the co-ownership such as lighting systems, elevators, fire protection systems, the presence of insects and parasites and undertakes actions to eliminate damage to the property or the presence of factors that may constitute a risk for epidemics and various diseases.
  • Verifies and resolves issues and concerns raised by the Marketing and Sales and Engineering departments.
  • Disciplines the use of common objects and the quality of services in common interest, in order to ensure the best possible use of the environment and common objects.
  • Realizes the invoicing of administration services with maximum accuracy and responsibility.
  • Coordinates construction and maintenance activities.
  • Prepares reports on the basis of daily notes of problems and presents it to the Superior at any time and carries out checks every day for the implementation of the rules of coexistence.
  • Manages the resolution of various problems, both customer relations and maintenance, and reports on each resolution provided.

Job Requirements:

  • To have finished secondary education;
  • Higher Education is an advantage;
  • Have at least 5 years of similar work experience;
  • Have very good communication skills;
  • To have his own personal vehicle.

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