Digital Strategy Assistant

Posted 7 days ago

Job Description:


Define a digital strategy action plan

Highlight the objectives to be achieved in order to position the company on a market and increase its position there.

Analyze in depth the customer relationship and the company’s sales, as well as purchasing behavior, in order to propose optimized solutions for the targeted target.

development of the web audience, the deployment of the company’s visibility, the implementation of e-mailing campaigns and partnerships, the creation of digital loyalty programs.

Able to identify new web acquisition and distribution channels, to plan actions with service providers and to manage the budget allocated to its actions.

Job Requirements:

  • Manage the marketing team to carry out their projects.
  • Analyze the results of the marketing campaigns carried out, using both quantitative and qualitative evaluation criteria.
  • Carry out a constant watch, in order to be always aware of news and uses of the web by users
  • Adapt digital marketing campaigns accordingly and be able to identify trends to define good growth strategies.

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