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1. Participate in the establishment and improvement of the EHS management system of the group and its subsidiaries, promote the implementation of safety standardization management; be responsible for internal and external audits and inspections related to EHS, and participate in the construction of EHS projects within the group to ensure that new renovation and expansion projects Meet EHS compliance requirements;

2. Formulate the group EHS inspection and assessment plan, regularly conduct EHS inspections on subordinate enterprises, promote the implementation of EHS hidden danger investigation and dual prevention mechanisms, and implement a closed loop of hidden danger rectification; formulate and improve safety production, fire protection, environmental protection, Rules and regulations and operating procedures for public security management;

3. Formulate annual EHS work plans, formulate various standards and EHS training plans for the group, carry out various internal and external trainings for the group, and improve the EHS management level of the group’s EHS (part-time) managers.

Job Experience:

1. Bachelor degree or above is preferred, and chemistry or engineering background is preferred
2. More than 5 years of EHS work experience in chemical and pharmaceutical industries is preferred
3. Proficient in operating Office software, fluent in English reading and writing

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