Hardware Development Engineer

Full Time
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Job Information:


1) Feasibility analysis of new product hardware development.

2) Responsible for the overall design; responsible for product schematic design, output product requirements to software, layout and other related engineers, and responsible for the acceptance of software, layout and other documents.

3) Product hardware design, debugging documentation, EVT, DVT documentation writing.

4) Participate in the sample production and small batch trial production of product development, be responsible for product hardware debugging, and take the lead in solving various problems encountered in the product development process.

5) New product-related patent applications; responsible for the transfer of projects to mass production, guiding the production line to establish a new product production process, solving technical problems in the process of production transfer, and checking and accepting the new product production line process.

Job Experience:

1. Education background:
Bachelor degree or above (electronic information, communication and other related majors)

2. Work experience:
EDFA, subsystem or optical module field 3~ More than 5 years working experience.

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