Materials Inventory Assistant

Posted 1 week ago

Job Description:


Performs monthly inventory of finished products and raw materials according to relevant points;

Evidences the differences in the accounting-physical inventory and helps in their preliminary consultation with the relevant managers;

Performs inventory clearance and prepares reports requested by managers;

Follows closings in the system, receipts, invoicing as well as purchases before the start of inventory;

Validates inventory variances in the system with corresponding costs for each unit;

Tracks receipts and helps reconcile them with the Treasury Specialist;

Job Requirements:

  • Performs daily control of problematic costs in the system and helps in their daily systematization;
  • Compiles existing recipes according to units and helps to update them in the Finance 5 system;
  • Assists in physical tracking, compilation and testing of approved recipes and revises them together with managers;
  • It helps in the registration of new recipes in the system;
  • Makes a daily and monthly control of the units on the implementation of the recipes as well as helps to make a report on the best-selling recipes as well as the corresponding margin;
  • Assists in the planning and execution of annual asset inventories;
  • Assists in drafting the asset register for each unit;

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