Operating Officer

Posted 2 weeks ago

Job Information:


1. Cooperate with the general manager of the project to implement an integrated solution for sanitation operations;

2. Assist the project manager to participate in business negotiations or bidding meetings;

3. Assist the project general manager and the competent government department to complete the handover of personnel and assets;

4. Assist the project manager to manage the project company;

5. Cooperate with the project general manager to maintain good communication with external stakeholders of the environmental sanitation operation project, and maintain external relations with the local government, streets, towns, residents, etc.;

Job Experience:

1. Possess good professionalism, high achievement motivation and learning ability, and intend to continue to develop in the field of environmental sanitation;

2. Have the potential and ability to manage the team, be good at communication and coordination, strong executive ability, and have a sense of responsibility;

3. Proficient in the application of various office software, familiar with the bidding process of sanitation integration service projects, and understand the basic performance and quality and safety knowledge of various equipment in the industry;

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