Site Engineer

Posted 2 weeks ago

Job Information:


1. Go to the customer site and conduct customer demand research;
2. Cooperate with the project manager and operation and maintenance personnel to promote project implementation and delivery;
3. Cooperate with pre-sales to provide program support for customers;
4. Cooperate with product managers, Develop and cooperate to promote the implementation of user needs;
5. Independently complete the writing of requirement documents;
6. Classify and organize the collected requirements, and make effective analysis and propose product improvement suggestions.

Job Experience:

1. At least three years of work experience related to demand, with a bachelor’s degree or above;
2. Understand the business of operators, such as core network management, IPRAN network management, wireless network management, IP network management, etc.;
3. Understand 5G related O&M technology, including 5G core network, 5G slicing, etc.;

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